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Let us create a clean, healthy, home environment for you. 

Cleaning Services We Provide

At The Clean Up Dudez, we understand that every building has a different situation. Therefore, we like to work on a building-to-building basis with each property owner. However, these are just some of the services that we offer to each building as needed.

Cleaning Supplies


Our team will sweep any common areas including lobbies, hallways, staircases, and garbage rooms as well as sweep the immediate front of the building and sidewalk for any leaves or litter. 

Mopping the Floor


After sweeping, our team will mop all common areas with floor cleaner and bleach, leaving your floors sparkling, sanitized, and your building smelling fresh and clean.

Window Cleaning

Window & Glass Cleaning

Our team will ensure that any mirrors or glass in common areas such as on walls or on doors are wiped thoroughly. We will also report any cracked or damaged glass that could pose safety hazards. 


If your building does not have floors that require mopping but instead have carpeted floors, our team will vacuum all common areas thoroughly and remove any major spots. 

leaf blowing_edited.jpg

Leaf Blowing

During Autumn months when leaves are rampant on NYC sidewalks, our team is able to use leaf blowers to collect and dispose of any leaves in the immediate front of the building and sidewalk. 


Garbage Collection

NYC buildings typically have two garbage collection days a week. Our team is committed to having availability all 7 days of the week to effectively accommodate building tenants and property owners and set garbage out on the sidewalk on respective collection days.  


At The Clean Up Dudez, we understand that every building has a different situation. Therefore, we like to work on a building-to-building basis with each property owner. However, we have some set prices depending on how many units a building has.

1-3 Units: $650.00/month

4-6 Units: $750.00/month

7-9 Units: $850.00/month

10+ Units: Please reach out to us as we will be able to give discounted prices based on number of units

Additional Services We Provide

The Clean Up Dudez offers additional services that property owners and even building tenants can take advantage of. As our team grows and fills with experienced members, you can expect our list of services to continue growing. For now, these are some of the additional services we offer.

Please note that all additional services are subject to separate pricing. Please reach out for more information.


Residential Window Cleaning

Our team has highly skilled and experienced members that have cleaned hundreds of residential windows. Please trust us in saying that your windows will be spotless and sparkling.  

Moving Boxes

Move In/Out Cleaning

Whether you are moving into a new home or moving out of a home, our team will ensure that your living space is clean and ready for you to move into, or for the next homeowners to move into.


Post-Construction Cleanup

We understand that sometimes contractors can be messy and leave behind dust or debris after they finish their job. Our team will fix that issue and clean up after messy contractors and remove any lingering dust or debris..

snow shoveling.jpeg

Snow Removal

During the winter months when NYC gets hit with snow, our team is able to shovel the immediate front of the building and spread salt to the area to prevent snow buildup. In doing so, we will be able to prevent any injuries or potential fines for property owners.

Why Choose The Clean Up Dudez

Experienced Team

Our team members have a vast knowledge of cleaning etiquette, procedures, and supplies, as many of our members are experienced porters the industry.

Flexible Schedules 

Our team has great flexibility allowing us to work on the days that work best for our clients. 

Extra Care Hygiene

Our team ensures that our work is conducted in a careful and cleanly manner, and that we leave the areas cleaner than when we arrived.  

If you would like to hire us or have additional questions, please reach out to us via e-mail or phone or simply send us a message below!

You can reach out to us at 

Phone: (718) - 814 - 7562


Or simply send us a message below!

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